Calculate Your Frozen Egg Success

It’s not a bad idea to think about the point you’ll use your frozen eggs. You could be waiting for Mr. (or Ms.) Right, or for Mr. (or Ms.) Right to be ready to have kids. Maybe you’re just too darn busy working, traveling and living it up to get on the baby track. Don’t worry if you’re on the fence about it all together.

 It Helps to Set a Deadline

Pick an age that you’re going to try to have a baby with your love or on your own. It could at 37, 38, 39, 40, or younger or older.  You may decide you’ll try to get pregnant naturally. If it doesn’t work in six months or a year, you’ll turn to your frozen eggs.

You could also skip trying naturally and turn right to your frozen eggs. A lot depends on your age and the state of your fertility, so don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a fertility doctor. (see Planning Resources.)

I recently came across these cool egg freezing success estimator calculators on They can help you calculate your potential pregnancy outcomes based on your age and the number of frozen eggs that you have.

Two Calculators

Egg Freezing Success Estimator Based on the Number of Eggs Frozen (Thawed)

Egg Freezing Success Estimator Based on the Number of Thawed Eggs Injected with Sperm





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