In Her Own Sweet Time

In Her Own Sweet Time book cover

In Her Own Sweet Time: Egg Freezing and the New Frontiers of Family 

“[Lehmann-Haupt’s] fine-tuned prose is a particular strength…an accessible, insightful look at today’s modern families – Kirkus Reviews

“In this informative and frank book, Lehmann-Haupt makes a compelling case for education and preparation: “We have more options than ever; understanding them can empower us and, perhaps most importantly, turn panic into peace.” – Publisher’s Weekly.

At thirty-one, Rachel Lehmann-Haupt thought she had everything: the perfect boyfriend, an exciting career, and the promise of marriage and children in her future. But one year later, the relationship ended and she found herself starting over, consumed by a rapidly approaching deadline: age thirty-five, the dividing line between a regular and a “high risk” pregnancy. Faced with the pressure of finding true love on the edge of her fertility, Lehmann-Haupt traveled around the world and into the heart of America to explore the many new choices available to women in the twenty-first century—egg freezing, single motherhood, and instant families—while also grappling with her own ambitions, anxieties, and personal values. A witty, poignant, and profoundly honest account of one woman’s efforts to reconcile modern love with modern life, In Her Own Sweet Time will resonate with a huge generation of young women who want it all—a career, a family, the perfect partner— but haven’t figured out yet how to fit it all together.

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